Quality and Performance at the right price

Our fleet meets high safety standards and our drivers are guided by our policy at Sifaan of ‘Safety First’. Sifaan’s drivers have undergone training in defensive driving making us amongst the top transport safety team in the region. All our drivers adhere to high road safety standards contributing to incident and accident free, efficient and timely transportation of products

We aim to be a true leader, in this industry as we have one of the best transportation network and specialized teams for various types of cargos and we boost as one of the best transport company in RDC.

We have one hundred and twenty five (125) newly acquired tipper trucks.

We have two hundred and fifty (250) Flatbed trucks with the carrying capacity of 40 Tones per truck.

We have one hundred and thirty eight (138) Acid tankers with various carrying capacities ranging from 32 MT to 45 MT

We have one hundred and five (105) fuel tankers of varying carrying capacities


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